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"Platinum Group Metals: World Resources, Economics and The Future, 2nd Edition (2005)" BETTER NEWS FOR PALLADIUM! (THE REST LOOK PRETTY GOOD T00)
report for miners, engineers,
stock brokers, geologists, bankers,   precious metals analysts...  now available. During the palladium price debacle of 2000-2001, did you  choose  too low a cut-off grade, or  buy when a sell was the right choice, or fill up  Pd inventories at the highest  prices? Only those who had our 2001 first edition avoided such consequences. Click on the left for Publications and  Order Form pages.

Equapolar appointed agent for sale of a white marble property in Peterborough County just over 2 hours from Toronto. Contact us for  quarry/mine  valuations,  (Banks, mergers, acquistions,
feasibility, due dilligence, mineral product research, metallurgical testwork and mineral commodity market studies. (613)7468209 or email: equapolar@bellnet.ca 

Mineral & Metals Commentary

Bookmark and visit this page for Equapolar's news, views and outlook for  the platinum group, other rare metals and industrial minerals. (being refurbished. )

 Also, live precious metals prices and valuable links:

Goldsheet Mining Directory  a worldwide resource for  mining related websites:  links to 1300 mining firms, newsletters, mutual funds, involved in precious metals, diamonds, bullion coins, etc. 

Rare Metals Article  presented at the PDAC 2002

Potash-Mineral Review  an NRCan commodity review authored by G.H.K. Pearse

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Industrial Minerals and Rare Metals

 Equapolar has over 35 years experience in all aspects of resource development in this diverse field. What's more, intimate knowledge of mineral product end-use industries* sets Equapolar apart from virtually all its competitors in the minerals field. We  know exactly what the market wants in terms of product specs and quality control - essential for effective management of metallurgical, market, and full  feasibility studies.

*Chemical, ceramics, glass, metallurgical, electronic, refractory, abrasives, contruction materials, plastics, rubber, paint, paper, agricultural, etc.

  • Project Management - exploration to development.
  • Feasibility -due diligence, scoping , pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.
  • Market Studies - scoping to feasibility level  studies, transportation analysis, pricing, product  marketing.
  • Metallurgical/Mineralogical - managing research for optimizing mineral product specifications.
  • Mineral Product R&D - design and management of glass, ceramic and other end use laboratory and manufacturing trials for testing new mineral products.
  • Damages, Sales, Expropriation, Foreclosure - valuation and sales assistance for mineral properties, inventories and equipment. 
  • Publications - Mineral economics research,  mineral commodity studies, supply, demand and price forecasts. 
Let us manage your mineral development and project feasibilty study. In addition to our mineral economics publications, we welcome inquiries for client-specific studies on rare earths, alkali metals, specialty and alloy metals, electronic metals, metalloids, and the complete range of industrial minerals. 

Equapolar numbers among the very few companies in North America knowledgeable in the field of dimension stone (granite, marble, sandstone, limestone,etc) exploration, development, valuation, feasibility, quarry operations design, equipment selection and stone marketing. We also assist with sales and liquidation of stone quarry, equipment, inventory and plant.


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